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2015 SCCA Solo II rules with the following exceptions:

1)  A driver may only register once per event, except that the event chair may allow two registrations per person only if both registrations are in Demonstration class. See rule 18 for additional Demonstration Class rules. Drivers may only pre-register once per event. For the "Autocrosser of the Year" runoff championship, the runoff vehicle will count as a legal second vehicle. For the Runoff event, drivers eligible to drive the Runoff car may take a maximum of three runs in one non-Runoff class in which they are registered.

2)  Trophies are awarded to the top third of each class (e.g., 3 drivers: 1 trophy, 4 drivers: 2 trophies, etc.).

3)  FCSCC will not "class bump" cars in single-car classes to make multi-car classes.

4)  FCSCC holds an annual Autocross Championship Series with trophies for each class as well as an "Autocrosser of the Year" award. Only FCSCC members are eligible for points and championship trophies. Points are awarded as follows:

1st 9
2nd 6
3rd 4
4th 3
5th 2
6th or lower 1

A driver must compete in half the points events (more than half when there is an odd number of points events) in a class to be eligible for that class championship. The first class in which a member has run half the season-points events will be the only class in which the member is eligible for a class championship. The two events in which a member has the lowest points (including 0) are dropped. New club members receive points from the date that a membership application and dues are received except for Rookie class, where points are retroactive to the beginning of the year, if the rookie becomes a member before July 1. Chairing an event counts as participating in an event.

5)  The FCSCC Runoff consists of four runs in a designated car. After the second run, the field of Runoff drivers will be reduced to the fastest ten and times will be reset. The ten drivers will take one run, and the fastest three drivers move to a final fourth-run shootout, with the best of their third or fourth run times determining the Autocrosser of the Year. Non-Rookie Drivers in contention for their class championship on the day of the Runoff are eligible for the Runoff. The FCSCC Rookie Autocrosser of the Year will represent all Rookie classes at the FCSCC Autocrosser of the Year Runoff. The FCSCC Autocrosser of the Year will be the fastest Runoff driver, regardless of class championship. The current Autocrosser of the Year may participate in the following year's Runoff, as long as he or she has competed in, or worked a minimum of 2 hours in, 3 events, is a member in good standing, and is a class season champion in the current or previous year.

6)  Completely missing any gate (off course) will result in a DNF (O/C), although a time may be given. One on-course run is required to win a trophy or earn points.

7)  All drivers are expected to work at the event. Entrants with multiple registrations will be given work assignments appropriate to their number of registrations. Failure of any competitor to work as scheduled will be grounds for event disqualification and/or censure by the event chair or club officer. Event Chair and Course Designer are work assignments for one person each.

8)  All competitors are expected to show up on time for an event. Anyone arriving after the close of registration, if allowed to enter, will be assessed a $20 late fee and all missed runs will be forfeited. Acceptance of late entries will be at the discretion of the event chair. A single Event Chair is reimbursed their event registration fee at the end of the event.

9)  Any course layout may be pre-run by the Event Chair and/or designee to judge the safety and quality of the course.

10)  A safe controlled exit must be made at the completion of each run. Failure to exit safely may result in an off-course run or a disqualification.

11)  All protests must be submitted to the Event Chair before the awarding of trophies.  A protest committee consisting of three impartial club members will be convened to rule on the protest. All decisions of the protest committee are final.  If a protest is upheld, disqualification may result. Random impounds may be conducted at the sole discretion of club officers. Classing is the responsibility of the competitors.

12)  The current year's PAX/RTP factors will be used to score Ladies, Rookie, and other factored classes.
Current PAX/RTP factors are here.

13)  New participants may remain Rookies for their entire first year, unless they choose to participate in their respective open class. Rookies are divided into three indexed classes: Street, Touring (for ST, STS, STR, STX, and STU), and Non-Stock (for Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared and Modified). Rookies who are FCSCC members accumulate points for the season championship using the same guidelines as open classes, but points accumulated in open classes do not count toward the Rookie Championship. To be eligible for a Rookie class championship, rookie drivers must participate in at least one less than the number of season-points events specified in rule #4 for championship eligibility.

The FCSCC Rookie Runoff consists of three runs in a designated car. Drivers who are in the top 3 season points positions in each rookie class on the day of the Rookie Runoff are eligible for the Rookie Runoff. The FCSCC Rookie Autocrosser of the Year will be the fastest Rookie Runoff driver, regardless of class championship. The FCSCC Rookie Autocrosser of the Year will represent all Rookie classes at the FCSCC Autocrosser of the Year Runoff.

14)  First time autocrossers may participate in the First Timer class for competitors new to the sport. New autocrossers may only participate in the First Timer class in their first event. After competing as a First Timer in one event, autocrossers can then join the Rookie classes. The First Timer class will be factored using the current PAX/RTP index. Automobiles in the First Timer class using a Street category index may use any DOT-legal tire. Event trophies will be awarded to First Timer participants, but not season points. Participation in the Rookie School disqualifies a driver for First-Timer class.

15)  First Timer and Rookie class drivers may request an FCSCC-approved instructor. First Timer class drivers MUST take an FCSCC instructor on their first run. Every effort will be made to provide an instructor to First Timer drivers on all runs.  During competitive runs, 1 "student" or "instructor" is allowed in a car subject to the following:

  • Rookie and First-Timer class drivers may only take experienced FCSCC instructors as passengers.
  • Drivers other than Rookie and First Timer class drivers may take any registered driver as a student or instructor passenger.
  • A driver's privilege of taking a passenger may be revoked by the event chair or club officials at any time.
  • If passengers are allowed at any time, a maximum of 2 people are allowed in a car.
  • All people in the car must use required safety equipment.

16)  The Open Index class is a PAX-factored class. The top one third of the season points positions are eligible for participation in the Runoff, subject to the event participation eligibility requirements of rule #4.

17)  The Tire Index class is a PAX-factored class intended to provide a competitive venue for people without race tires. Prohibited tires include all competition models and any tire with a treadwear index less than 200. Standard SCCA classes are used to determine PAX factors. Event and year-end trophies will be awarded as per the rules for other classes. Street and Street Touring category (ST, STS, STR, STX, STU) cars are not allowed to run in the FCSCC Street Tire class.  Depending on software support, Tire Index class cars will have an additional 0.980 PAX multiplier applied for the overall event PAX results. PAX multiplier is subject to change before first points event of the season.

18)  Entrants may elect to register in Demonstration Class. No points or trophies will be awarded to Demonstration Class participants. There is a six car registration maximum in Demonstration class; however, additional registrations may be allowed at the discretion of the Event Chair. Entrants with multiple registrations will be given work assignments appropriate to their number of registrations.

19)  All vehicles must be muffled, with a maximum sound-level of 90 dbA at 75 feet. Event sound levels may be reduced by the event chair and/or club officers dependent upon requirements of the event site. After one warning, disqualification may result. Final judgment rests on acceptability of sound levels, regardless of measured sound level, and is based on evaluation of the sound's impact on the event environment and rests with the Event Chair or other FCSCC officer. This rule is applied per car, not per driver.

20)  Karts and non-SCCA-classed SUVs are not permitted to enter our events. Pickup trucks are generally not permitted but may be allowed if, in the judgment of the technical committee and event chair, they do not present an undue hazard.

21)  Annual membership entitles a member to a car number for the calendar year of thier membership on a first-come, first-served basis once payment has been received. There is no duplication of numbers for the same season regardless of class. Renewing members receive priority for the following season to maintain their number if their membership is renewed (paid in full) before the conclusion of the first autocross. After the first autocross, all non-renewed numbers will be released for others. For individual memberships, one car number is allotted. For family memberships, one car number per person is allotted.

22)  It is the intention of the FCSCC to provide a quality autocross that is safe, fun, and fair to all contestants. Rules will be applied in the spirit of friendly competition and not where the letter of the law would create an inequitable situation for any driver or class.   Club officers, the event chair, and the technical committee reserve the right to disqualify participants and/or to direct participants and crew to leave the premises if their participation and/or presence presents a risk to the safety or well-being of themselves, other participants, the FCSCC, our hosts or our neighbors.  Club officers retain final judgment in all cases.

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