Awards Banquest 1/20! RSVP Soon!

Our awards banquet is coming up on January 20th! Please RSVP at

Non-Points Event #11 Results Posted

The Non-Points Event #11 results are posted on our Results Page.

Autocrosser Of The Year Runoff Results

After a pitched battle that began with twenty seven participants cutting to ten after two runs and then the final five after three we arrived at the winner of our annual runoff and the autocrosser of the year! Congratulations to Todd Kean! Results of the event are posted and can always be found on our results page.

Points Event #9 Rookie Runoff Results Posted

The Points Event #9 results are posted on our Results Page.

Points Event #9 and Rookie Runoff Open

Points Event #9 which includes the Rookie Runoff is open for registration. Check the 2017 Season Points results to see whether you qualify for the runoff!

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